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Monday, December 22, 2008

Our family Christmas celebration...

Usually, our extended family convenes upon my mother-in-law's house on Christmas Day.

Its a wild time, with all my husband's cousins and aunts & uncles all in one place at one time.

But, in recent years, with each of those cousins branching off into their own little families, its hard to get everyone together. So, this year, we decided to celebrate on the Sunday before Christmas.

Yesterday, we had 6 "adults", 17 "kids" (the ones who are in my age group), and 11 little ones. It was heaven. Boisterous and loud and cheerful, we ate until our bellies were full (and then ate a little more), opened presents, watched football, and caught up with loved ones who we don't often see.

I tried to play paparazzi - especially during the madness of 9 kids opening gifts (two of the younger ones were asleep).

So, Jan - thank you for having us all!! It was great and I hope you enjoyed it.

To everyone else, I had a good time and wish we'd had more time to chat... hope you enjoy the pics and don't mind me sharing!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Making of a Christmas Card - The Brothers {D}

This past weekend, I visited my husband's cousin - the mother of twin 11 month olds and a 3 year old - with hopes of taking a Christmas Card photo of the boys. Mom planned it perfect - the boys awoke from naps as we arrived. They ate and drank a bottle and got dressed after playing a bit. Everyone was in a great mood and ready for the pictures... or ready to avoid pictures... or hog the spotlight (I won't name any names - {Mr B}!!!!!). Big brother did fabulous, giving me big smiles while trying to help mom wrangle the little ones.

When all was said and done, I got a couple that mom liked... but I preferred it as a storyboard. Telling the person looking at the photos, "This is what is involved in taking Christmas pics of a group of energetic boys."

The other part of the story?? Three happy little boys with big smiles on their faces in a big smooshy hug. Obviously three boys who are loved and who love each other...

Thanks, for letting me take their pictures and share!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Photos

Last year, we spent a boatload of money on "professional" pictures of the girls for Christmas. We did some pics of the girls in their fancy Christmas dresses (thanks Nana) and then tried jammies in front of the prop Christmas tree... I thought some of the pics were stellar (although, I remember thinking..."I'll bet I could do just as well!")! My husband, not so impressed... So, this year, I was happy to try MY hand at their holiday pics.

A few weeks ago, I tried taking holiday pics - in fancy dresses (again, thanks Nana!) - of my girls, then of my niece, and then of the 3 of them together. My Bug and Niece "Miss K" did well on their individual pics. Lou wasn't having it... And the group photo was disaster!

So, this past week, I tried again with just my girls. Instead of dresses, this time we did jammies. And since Lou is rarely happy to be photographed, I bribed her with a candy cane. I think we did okay! Actually, I think we did BETTER than okay! I even took some pictures of Lou on her own after the fact.

A final thanks to the boss, Kelly, for sharing some tips on photographing at night. Although I was at home - not in the hospital - her tips worked wonders for me!! Would you have guessed I don't have a lighting set-up?!

My first attempt (Bug did well, Lou not so much, but I did get one worthy of sharing!):

Although this one is not our "Christmas Card" photo, it is my personal favorite from the sitting... No, she's NOT pouting. She was actually pulling the candy cane out of her mouth and I captured it at *just* the right moment...

And finally, pictures of just my Lou. She's so sweet, and so adorable, but really really uncomfortable in front of the camera. She must have been coming down from her candy-cane induced sugar high...oblivious to me in front of her...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Twins, AGAIN!

I am definitely feeling the twin love, here at my hospital. Today I photographed another set of twins... this pair, born just yesterday! A little more than 24 hours old when I held them, snuggled them, and finally photographed them... {Miss M} was feeling the December chill and needed some extra warmth, so she wasn't so happy to photographed alone. But, as soon as I laid her brother, {Mr A} down beside her, they snuggled and looked so happy. I just adore twins. It truly is a photographer's dream!!

I took other pics today too! And I'll be sharing some in time, but I couldn't wait to get this one up...

I should probably share this one, too... its too funny (and stinkin' adorable) not to!