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Friday, February 27, 2009

Just because I have a moment... {Little Ladies}

I haven't shared any Bella pics in a while, so seeing as I'm sitting here waiting on a baby to photograph...

Introducing {Miss T}...

And introducing {Miss M}...

And finally, {Miss L}...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In Training... {Bella Life!}

A little over a week ago, I began my Bella Life training. I'm learning from our senior photographer (Kim), how to photograph families in their own homes - or in our "homey" studio in Naperville. Although I have "studio experience", this is different. We don't use stationary lights. We don't shoot on a backdrop. We shoot real people, in real light, in real poses... not unnaturally squeezing everyone into the frame. Its creativity to the max...and I love it. As the owner of Bella Baby Photography says, it is free training that we can use to better ourselves not only as Bella Babes, but also in our own photography biz ventures. Thanks, Kelly...for being so generous! I TRULY TRULY mean that... I've learned so much in two sittings!! (And thank you, Kim, for your patience and willingness to let me try my hand at this!!!)

So, in this sitting, we had mom - who is 36 weeks pregnant - dad, and 4 kids - 7 and under. Awesome family. Lots of fun. And such a great looking family too!! They totally "fit" Bella Life. They ARE Bella Life. My trainer let me shoot behind her - shooting when she wasn't, taking pics of the kids while she focused on Mom, etc... It was great. I was able to play a lot with my lighting, posing, camera settings...knowing that Kim was doing the important stuff and if my shots worked - GREAT!

Here is a pic of the whole family... Kim was shooting, took a break and I just snapped away. There's no, "Everyone look here", "Smile for the camera", or for heaven's sake, "CHEEEEESE". I just snap while you BE. You sit and talk and laugh and look at me, or at your kids and if we get everyone looking up - its natural... If we get everyone looking at each other...its natural. Basically, I said it before and I'll say it again... Its BELLA LIFE!!!

I've got some awesome shots of the kids, as well, and I'll share them once I've had the opportunity to edit them... having problems with the old (or, not-so-old) laptop again... so we'll see when that will be!

Let me know what you think... Let me know you're visiting my blog!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


You might think this is yet another post full of bug & lou pictures, but its not! Today, I got to photograph an adorable set of twin girls, and also a baby girl with her big sister! So, I wanted to share... Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I love shooting outdoors...

Although I got my start as a "pro" in a studio, and now shoot primarily indoors - and with hospital room lighting! - I love to shoot outdoors with natural light. Its simple. Its beautiful. Its less editing on my part (haha).

This week, Mother Nature has given us a break from this horrid Chicago winter we've been having. 45 balmy degrees on Monday led us to a short trip to the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, Illinois, where some of the following pictures were shot. On our trip home, I stopped to take some photos along the Fox River in St. Charles.

Even better was the 60 degree day we enjoyed yesterday! I arrived home from work at 1:30, ate a quick lunch, and got the girls in the car for the 45 minute drive to the Brookfield Zoo just outside Chicago. It was one of their February "free days" (every Tuesday, Thursday and weekend this month!), so it was worth it to go for just 90 minutes as we did.

Anyway, we got some time outside, and I got some pictures of my girls!! Enjoy!

{Baby G}

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot a baby on his way home from the NICU. Although I love working with 1-2 day olds, it is such an honor to photograph a baby who is finally headed home. As the mom of a preemie who spent time in the NICU (13 days!), I understand the rush of emotion - excitement, anxiety, apprehension, relief! - that comes on that day. This little guy spent a little more than 2 weeks in the special care nursery. Mom and Dad couldn't contain their smiles while unhooking his monitors and taking him out of the bassinet. I hope they love these pictures as much as I do... he was a tiny guy. Precious.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More of the {M Kids}

A big thank you to the M kids, who cooperated yet again for me. After their family shoot in early January, we decided to get together again so I could take some more pictures of the kids and the family dog, Hannah. We got some cute shots, but I may be re-taking a couple that didn't live up to my expectations! But, here are my favorites...