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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

{N & J and family}

When I scheduled this photo shoot, Mom said to me, "We'll be your biggest challenge yet."

Yes, it was a challenge to get 3 children under 5 to settle in and look somewhere close the camera (or at least not burrow their heads into mom or dad's chest!). Add to that challenge, the new puppy! Luckily, this is a really laid back and relaxed family. They were willing to do their thing while I snapped shot after shot. I got some candid shots and a couple good family portraits. I'm sharing the portraits here, because that's what I edited first so I can work on submitting my Bella Baby/Bella Life certification portfolio.

Thanks, N&J!! For allowing me to *practice* on your family, and for having us over. We'll have to do it again soon!!!

Some Baby Love...

In light of my recent computer problems, I haven't had the opportunity to share any of my work in a while...but yesterday I took some photos just just beg to be shared...

Look at this adorable little guy with his full head of hair, chubby arms & squishy lips. He slept through the whole photo shoot...even when I turned him this way and that and posed him!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

At long last... a sneak peek of the {M Family}

Two weeks ago, I photographed the M Family... and the next day, my computer crashed! Luckily, I didn't lose any pictures of the family, but I was without my editing software! So, thank you to K & family for their patience...

I really enjoyed meeting this family and appreciated their enthusiasm! The posing suggestions were great! I look forward to spending more time with you. I hope you enjoy the pictures I'm sharing here...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Public Service Announcement...

When you're done reading this entry, you need to do me a big favor... go back up your files. ESPECIALLY your precious photos. NOW... don't put it off for a moment. I knew my computer was ready to crash, but I took my time...transferring a file every couple of moments when I passed my laptop at the table... and it crashed before I could get all my personal files transferred. Now, with any luck, I may be able to recover my files from my CF card (I have some software that I had to use on one occasion), but I'm still without any files I worked on with Photoshop. I'm also without my work files (spreadsheets and such; I AM smart enough to back up work files on a regular basis).

Oh, and don't buy a DELL Inspiron 1720. This is my second complete crash since I bought it in August of 2008. Twice in 6 months...that's just fabulous.

Friday, January 9, 2009

{Say Cheese}

So, do you think this little man is happy to be heading home with mom & dad?! I'd say YES!!!! And after he flashed me that smile, he stretched out his tiny arms and legs...as if to say, "Ahhhhh...let's get OUTTA here!"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little ladies...

Today I had the opportunity to photograph three beautiful little ladies... and in one case, the little lady & her daddy. As well as a little lady with her gorgeous big sister! I couldn't help but share...

{Miss N & big sis E}

{Miss G with daddy}

{Baby Girl} (mom is working on a name!!!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The {B Family} ... A sneak peek

Thank you to my good friend Vicky for allowing me to photograph her family. Here's a sneak peek of my first foray into "in home" family photographs!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sharing the {love}

Today, I asked the dad of this baby to "cup baby's feet" so I could photograph the soles...and this is what he did. Love it, love it, LOVE it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Ending 2008 on a high note...

I'm welcoming 2009, Bella Baby style. To me, today is just another Thursday. Sure, its New Year's Day...a new beginning...and all that, but I knew that today I'd be photographing the LAST babies of 2008, since we always shoot the day after they are born. And boy (or GIRL!), was today a treat.

I got to photograph one of the most beautiful babies I've seen. So alert and happy and posing for me just like a pro. Mom & Dad were great too (which really, really helps). I'm so in love with this little lady that I had to share immediately.

So, here's to 2008 - it was fun while it lasted - and to 2009... may it be a year of beautiful, happy and healthy babies (including my own, of course!).

{Miss C}