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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My evolution as a photographer continues...

Although I've always had a love of taking snapshots, it wasn't until I had Bug that I really became a shutterbug. We had planned on buying our first digital camera that Christmas (when she was due), but when she came early and we learned she'd be staying in the hospital without us, Russ decided to run out and buy me a camera early. So, he ran to Target and picked out a Canon Point & Shoot. I think it was an A85. That camera did us pretty well... I carried it everywhere I went, amassing an amazing several thousand snapshots of my baby girl. It wasn't until she was a year and a half and I dropped it while chasing her, that we needed a new camera. So, again, we bought a Canon Point & Shoot... an A530. I didn't love it as much as my first digital camera, but it worked.

So, when we had Lou, I realized I wanted to do more with my pictures. Learn more of my camera. Russ said I could take the plunge and purchase a DSLR...my Canon Rebel XT. By this point, I had an external hard drive holding 12,000 pictures of my girls.... and that was only the beginning. In the past 15 months, I've made photography more than just a hobby. I've learned to take more than just snapshots of my girls...

I look at the pictures I took of bug, and I think, "If only I'd known what I was doing behind the lens of the camera." I look at the pictures of Lou and think, "Man... I knew nothing about composition or lighting." But, now, with my studio experience and mostly, with my Bella experience, I am happy to know that the photos I take of our next baby will be so much better.

And lucky for me (and 1 really excited - and 1 reluctant and unsure - big sister), I'll be able to put that theory to the test soon. May, to be exact. That's right... #3 is on the way.

Sorry to Mara or mom or anyone else who would've heard it from Bug this weekend (she's been making the announcements so far)... I couldn't wait any longer to break the news!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who needs Photoshop?!

So, like any photographer I know, I've always put Adobe Photoshop on a pedestal. It is the be-all, end-all of photographic retouching and editing. You can do anything with Photoshop. I mean, its a verb! "Can you PHOTOSHOP me out of this picture?" Well, I don't think I can Picasa you out of a picture, but when it comes to my everyday retouching, Picasa is the way. Today, I'm gonna share some of my edits...

I've been suffering a LOT of self-doubt. I peruse photo blogs, websites and Flickr on a regular basis and to be honest... I'm not half as good as some of the other photogs out there. I'm not even talking about the masters... I'm talking about my friend Krysten, who picked up the *hobby* around the same time as me. She's amazing now! I'm talking about the dozen or so photogs who joined me at my recent NILMDTS training session. They all had their own websites... I have a blog. I checked out a couple websites. Boy, I hope one of them will take me under their wing and guide me...

I AM a pro photographer, but I don't feel like it! It pains me that I can't share my everyday images. The little itsy babes who keep me going. The little guy I did this week who was so special, so adorable. His parents had tears in their eyes when they thanked me for putting so much time, care, and attention to their son's pictures. The little lady who was small in comparison to the gerbera daisy her mom had me place in the picture. The chubba baby who I placed in my basket to photograph, much to the consternation of her great-aunt (who also shook her head in disbelief at my suggestion of undressing baby for a diaper-only photograph).

But, anyway, today I took some pictures of the park where we played. My husband and I have wanted photographs for our bedroom... something simple; an understated image of a single tree in a field... or something like that. We've seen some stuff we liked, but never wanted to pay the price that was asked. But, today, Russ finally found some images that were worthy of putting on our wall...and the best part? They were MY images from the park. So, I'm sharing them below. Let me know which you like best!!! (Oh, and you knew I'd include bug & lou, right?!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Missing in action...

Yeah, I've been a bit busy...

I remember when I first started on camera at picture people. I'd come home each day, "I shot 2 kids today!" And I said, "I can't wait until I can't remember HOW MANY I've done." Well, I'm at that point with Bella Baby. It is insane how many pictures I take each day. I've worked 10 shifts and shot 57 babies. FIFTY-SEVEN. That's a lot...

However, I do remember some of them vividly... in the past 2 days, I had the 5 pound baby in a 10 pound dress... and the 8 pound baby in a 5 pound hair bow (or rather, flower!). I wish I could share the pics. But, I also had the little lady who had more hair than my 16 month old. I had the 2 10 pounders... no putting them in my basket!! I could go on and on. Let's just put it this way... I LOVE this job. Even when I come home tired to the bone... wore out... hunched over like an old woman. It is fabulous.

I've had babies who curl up like they're still in mom's tummy. I've had babies who stretch out like, "I'm FREE!" I had a baby who put her hands in the air, wave 'em like you just don't care. LOL. Baby who covered her face, "No pictures please!" So much fun.

Anyway, today I have my NILMDTS training. Hubby asked me if I'm excited. Excited?? No. But, I'm anxious. I want to see what I've signed myself up for. I want to see how unbelievably difficult (yet rewarding) this is gonna be.

OK... I promise I'll share some pics soon. But if I don't get my rear in gear, I'm gonna be late.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer is over...

and I can hardly believe it. But, I took advantage of a beautiful labor day weekend to take a wide variety of pictures. In the past seven days I've been to Menominee, MI; Marinette, WI; Green Bay (and a Packers game!); back home to Chicagoland; and finally up to Lake Geneva, WI and the surrounding area (including the Walworth County Fair, where I took this image).

So, once I catch my breath (did I mention I start at Bella tomorrow!?), I will be a flickr'ing, blogging madwoman. So, keep your eyes peeled.
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